Teacup Set (Crystal Flowers)

Teacup Set (Crystal Flowers)



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Crystal flowers, fully blooming beautifully.

These crystals are born from chemical changes that occur when a special kind of glaze is fired. Their appearance varies with air temperature, kiln temperature, and the location where they are placed among other factors. A refined sensibility able to make use of that variability and the skill of a superior craftsman combine to produce floral scenes of which no two are alike. The vivid colouring comes from a subtle mixing of glazes achieved through the craftsman's devoted pursuit of beauty.

Features the Lexus mark and logo carved on the bottom of each cup. As each item is handmade, the colours patterns and finish may differ slightly to the photograph.

Material: earthenware
Contains 5 teacups (one of each colour; white crystal, indigo white, sky blue, indigo & Lapis lazuli)
Size: Ø 81 x 45mm

Made in Japan

*Limited quantities available

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